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"Shiela (played by Gillian Eichenberger) is indeed the darling of the “Tribe.” Her rendition of “I Believe in Love” was sparkling while her “Easy to be Hard” was sweet and sad. Eichenberger sings it all in her sweetheart role of the story, emotional and memorable."

Gary Gonser, Theatre Hound


"Time-tested favorites including..."Easy to Be Hard,” a solo soulfully sung by Gillian Eichenberger."

Cari Lynn Pace, Aisle Seat Review



"Robert is dating three women...All three are wonderful, but Gillian Eichenberger has an impish quality that hides snark under a veneer of saccharine charm."

Patrick Thomas, Talkin' Broadway

"Gillian Eichenberger is a standout as ditsy airlineflight attendant April, who has a really sweet duet with Robert in the "Barcelona" scene"

Barry Willis, Marin IJ

"Amanda Morando and Gillian Eichenberger stand out for the quality of their singing and the roles they play. As totally different competitors for Robert’s affections, they show the soft and hard sides of love..."

Gary Gonser, Theatre Hound, SFBATCC


"Gillian Eichenberger is excellent as Juliet, and she sings gorgeously too."

Barry Willis, Marin IJ

"Andre Amarotico was superb as the distraught Romeo, and company principal Gillian Eichenberger matched him as Juliet"

Barry Willis, Marin IJ "Year in Review, Best Theater in Marin"

"Juliet (Gillian Eichenberger) is the more grown up, practical one of the two (relatively speaking). In her bedroom, the intimacy of the space and of the performance is more than enough to sell her personal stakes as she progresses from excitement over her “wedding night” to despair over her lover’s banishment — justifying the enormous and often unbelievable steps that lead to her tragic end."

Brian Resler, No Proscenium 

"The production’s strongest moments are its last...Their cries feel as if we are on stage with them. As the star-crossed lovers die, the lights darken. There is no curtain call, and the weight of the tragedy lingers. It’s an effective, unexpectedly powerful moment. And it’s one that left me eager for more..."

Brian Resler, No Proscenium 

"Eichenberger and Amarotico play with the romantic language of the age in a most delightful way. We see the tenderness in their longing and the reach to express their youthful hearts’ desires."

Gary Gonser, Theater Hound, SFBATCC


"Gillian Eichenberger has a lovely trilling voice as Drood's fiance Rosa Bud (yes, that's what Dickens named her), who's severely traumatized by any close contact with Edwin's sinister uncle."

Sam Hurwitt, Marin IJ

"It's a great match for the soprano skills of Gillian Eichenberger, who plays the lovely and overly delicate Rosa Bud"

Cari Lynn Pace, SFBATCC

"John Jasper creepily demands that Rosa Bud (exquisite Gillian Eichenberger) sing his ballad of longing."

Maggie Lohmeyer, Theatrius


"Roxie Hart is given an adorable, sparkly turn by the sparkly and adorable Gillian Eichenberger."

Mitchell Field, For All Events

"Peltz, Eichenberger and Shirk are a perfectly balanced triad, solidly anchoring their substantial corners of the production."

Barry Willis, Marin IJ

"Among superb performers were Gillian Eichenberger and Alison Peltz as murderesses Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly."

Barry Willis, Chicago voted "Year's Best Theater in Marin"


"Gillian Eichenberger is superb as Maria, with flirtatious quirky smiles, mischievous acumen and careful maneuvering of Sir Toby."

Alexa Chipman, Sonoma County Gazette

"Eichenberger, Dahlgren and Kanaski all have wonderful moments to shine."

Jeanie K Smith, Talkin' Broadway


"Standouts included Gillian Eichenberger as Frenchie."

Pamela Fox, Marin Mommies


"The casting is stellar...Sweet-voiced Gillian Eichenberger plays trapped Johanna"

Jeanie K Smith, Sonoma County Gazette

Gillian Eichenberger / San Rafael, CA /

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